Plex for iOS organises audio visual contents from personal libraries of the media and then sends it to the player counterpart. It either sends the media to the same machine or sends the media to any other device with the help of internet . If you are converting discs into digital files plex organises the data with fine art work and metadata and then serves it up for playback . Plex for iOS works on iPhone , iPad air and iPod where separately buying other apps are not needed.  Plex for iOS can also be used as a remote for the desktop version of plex.  In plex for iOS though there are buttons , gestures can also be used instead of pushing to navigate through the media library of the devices . Continue reading

Plex Android

Plex Media Server or Plex is a software/app that serves as a media player which is very popular among the technology lovers(specially the users with more than a single electronic device). Basically, Plex helps us in accessing  our stored media on our Mobiles from any other possible device where Plex is installed. The devices can be of any type or size, ranging from Laptops to desktops,even tablets.

Developer Elan Feingold had the concept of creating a media Center application for his Apple Mac. Thus began the dream project of Elan in December 2007. He ported the media player XBMC(now called Kodi) to his Mac OS X. Cayce Ullman and Scott Olechowski were two software executives who had already sold their previous company and were looking to port XBMC to Mac OS X. When they came to know about Elan’s progress,they offered to fund him and thus they formed a team,in January 2008.
Plex,Inc. was founded in December 2009. Continue reading