Plex for iOS organises audio visual contents from personal libraries of the media and then sends it to the player counterpart. It either sends the media to the same machine or sends the media to any other device with the help of internet . If you are converting discs into digital files plex organises the data with fine art work and metadata and then serves it up for playback . Plex for iOS works on iPhone , iPad air and iPod where separately buying other apps are not needed.  Plex for iOS can also be used as a remote for the desktop version of plex.  In plex for iOS though there are buttons , gestures can also be used instead of pushing to navigate through the media library of the devices .

Features of Plex

Faster and responsive

It make day to day life more and more faster across various devices . It is known for it’s improved performance on devices such as iPhone 5s, and iPad air.

Smoother animations

The animations are smoother in the system . Thus , swiping while multitasking , bringing up control centre are much more easier . Thus it’s found more fluid and responsive.

Free to use

It is free to use the app of plex of iOS. The free part is like a trial , only some parts are accessible in free otherwise the to acces to the core of the app $5 is needed for total functioning.

Upto 50% faster keyboard display

The keyboard appears faster and typing is much smooth and responsive . Thus easy to work upon it .

Upto 70% swipe to camera

The camera is a moment catcher . While swiping the camera from the lock screen , it appears too fast.  Thus no moment is lost to capture.

How to download plex for ios ?

Plex helps you to stream media from one device to another . Plex is it to be downloaded and  installed at the first containing all the media files which are needed to be streamed . Once it’s installed the media from that device can easily be streamed .

Steps to download plex for ios.

  • Open the plex web app.
  • Sign plex web app into your own plex account .
  • Sign the server into your own plex account.
  • Choose the media to sign .
  • Click there .
  • Choose the device to sign to from the list . If yours only one device is registered then the device selection won’t be seen.
  • Choose  ‘done’ or click to view the sync status .

Steps to install plex for

  • Open the plex web app.
  • Choose channels in the sidebar.
  • Click there.
  • Select a category if needed .
  • Then click a channel to install.

Download Plex

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