Plex for Daydream

The plex VR for daydream makes you feel and let’s you to see the plex content in a virtual reality theatre . It’s really too cool to watch at . The head position are updated in real time thus one can see that what everybody is looking at . The remote button can be used to talk upon . It is the rising flow of technology that has resulted into such matters of entertainment and enhancement of satisfaction of mind of the users.

Features of Daydream

The picturisation is fantabulous and spectacular to look at.
The VR provides free videos to look at and also allows streaming.
Moreover diving into the scenes while watching is a great experience which offered by the plex for daydream.
It allows voice chat with friends even.

How to download plex for daydream

Log in to the plex account .
Next , after installing plex open the plex VR app on the device .
Then the user needs to insert the phone in the daydream view headset.
After than alternatively the user needs to open the daydream app along with putting it in the VR headset.
Then open the plex VR from the main daydream app home screen.


It too spectacular to see and experience. It is one of the best things for time pass . It is a very interesting and easier to use . It also provides the user with communication capabilities. It is the ultimate discovery of the enhancement of technology.

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