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Plex is a system that enables you to set up a server where you can store your most loved movies, network shows, music, and photographs. It gives you a chance to stream your media from the server to upheld gadgets, regardless of where you are. That implies that you can watch John Oliver through your Gear VR in lodging while your MacBook is securely at home, which is really incredible. It likewise implies that you can impart your media to companions, making it simple to get your bestie snared on Steven Universe despite the fact that she’s many scenes behind.

You’ll have to download and setup the Plex server from your PC or Laptop, and afterward move the records you need put away on your server into the Plex organizer. After that however, you’ll have the capacity to stream ideal to your Gear VR. For any individual who likes to marathon watch their most loved shows again and again, this is a brilliant choice to do as such.

While you require access to Plex with an application by and large, that isn’t a choice with Gear VR. That is on the grounds that you don’t approach a Plex application for Oculus. Fortunately there is a simple method to get around the way that there isn’t an application accessible to open up. That is on the grounds that you can get to your Plex server from inside the Samsung web application. While there are choices to take a stab at sideloading different applications and doing it that way, the most straightforward strategy is by utilizing Samsung web.

You should simply explore to and after that login. When associated you ought to see the majority of the media that is saved to your server, and the interface to be truly natural. Simply pick the show or movie that you need to watch, and hit play. You’ll most likely need to sit tight for a couple of minutes for the video to stack up appropriately, yet once it does, you’re ready. You can even extend the screen by the symbol at the base right of the screen, and after that your video will top off the screen. Voila! You’re presently viewing your most loved movies saved to Plex, all while hanging out in VR with your Gear VR.

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